Rosé Wine in Provence

For most of us coming from the UK and USA, rosé wine conjures up thoughts of the sweet blush wines from America that we would see on our supermarket shelves. How very different from the rosé wines that most of the people in Provence drink. The warm and dry climate is perfect in helping to produce the dry, light and crisp pink wine that Provence is famous for.

Vineyards here are in abundance as wine production is a large industry. In Provence, rosé wine has many flavours and indeed, shades of pink. As you would expect of red wine, rosé too has a large spectrum of tastes, some fuller and some lighter. One thing is for sure, you will rarely find a bad one!

Rosé wine is made from red grapes but unlike in the production of red wine, where the grape skins are left to ferment in the juice for a long time, rosé wine producers remove the grape skins from the juice after a short period of time giving the wine a much lighter colour. It really is a myth that rosé wine is a mixture of white and red wine or grapes.

One thing struck me very soon after moving to Provence…most people drink rosé wine and I have even known locals to be insulted at the thought of being offered another colour. Red is sometimes offered as an alternative at dinner parties but very rarely white wine. There seems to be no worry over which food goes with which colour wine. Rosé is acceptable with any food and with any occasion. Always served chilled and sometimes even on ice. Santé!


Vineyards are splayed across the Provençal countryside. Most offer tours and wine tasting. If you would like us to arrange a tour, please let us know. Our concierge services are on hand to ensure you get the best out of your Provençal experience.

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